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June 16, 2010





Thanks for confirming this is the only method for getting this result.

While this works well, there seems an issue if you also want the Group Header to repeat at the top of each page as then the first detail record appears twice.

I haven't figured out how to (a) have a group header repeat at the top of the page and (b) prevent a widowed group header and (c) NOT introduce all that whitespace by using either Keep Together or New Page Before...

Is there a way of suppressing the first detail record on a page if it's also the first detail record of a group? I suspect not.

Crystal Reports really needs one more option to prevent widowed group headers by just having a "Keep Together with first child"... I think that would solve it...

Going off now to submit that suggestion to Crystal :P


Ahh kk - nevermind. Just figured that one out finally.

You need to also setup a global variable which is reset to zero in the page header and incremented by one in the detail.
Then you just extend the Suppress formula for the detail:
Onfirstrecord or {database.field} <> Previous({database.field}) or (PageRecCount=1)

(Tho I still think a button titled Keep Together with 1st Child would be a better solution hehe)

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